Saif loses his cool with the Delhi media

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Stars getting into verbal scuffles with media persons at press conferences is not unknown. But what transpired in Delhi on Tuesday evening goes beyond the usual press-star conflict.

Apparently, when Saif Ali Khan showed up nearly two hours’ late in Delhi for an event related to Tigamanshu Dhulia’s Bullett Raja, the media persons present at the venue demanded an apology. However Saif, say official reports, refused to apologize arguing it was the Delhi traffic that delayed him.

Director Tigmanshu Dhulia who accompanied Saif in Delhi refutes the no-apology reports. “Saif did say sorry to the waiting media persons. But they were not willing to simmer down. They got increasingly restless. It was closed cramped space, and one photographer broke into a scuffle. That’s when we quit. We decided to leave without doing the event.”

Saif has publicly vowed to stay away from Delhi (which is a second-home to the Nawab) for all media promotional activities of his films. But his begum Kareena Kapoor who is with Saif in Delhi now, has counseled Saif to keep his cool in public.

Says a source close to the couple, “Kareena has been interacting with the media at press conferences. She knows how tempers can get frayed.”

This is the second incident of a star getting into a verbal conflict at a public venue. Last week apparently while shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider in Kashmir, Irrfan Khan was asked by protesting students to snuff out a cigarette that he was smoking.

Irrfan, however, denies this incident.

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